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If aluminum is coated with nanostructured oxide coatings, corrosion resistance, abrasion and surface hardness will increase dramatically. After solving the problem of corrosion resistance and wear of aluminum alloys, these are the only advantages of aluminum that are obvious, including low density, high weight-to-weight ratio, lower cost, biocompatibility and greater recyclability, and so on.


The advantages of using aluminum with oxidized nanostructured coatings are as follows

High strength

High strength

High ground tolerance and hardness

Corrosion resistance

Chemical stability

Abrasion resistance

Hygiene and biocompatibility of coatings

Heat resistant

Very high adhesion of the coating to the aluminum background
High stability and resistance to UV radiation
Neutral coverage and no reactivity
Optical properties and high radiation coefficient
Proper dielectric insulation properties and high heat conductivity
The price is reasonable

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